Thursday, 17 January 2013

A new challenge for the hips...

Its been a long time since I updated this blog, and I'm not sure whether anyone still reads it or not, but will update just in case someone facing a future PAO comes across it.

I am now 3 yrs 8 months post RPAO, and 1yr 5 months post LPAO.

Hips are amazing. I have gone from barely able to walk more than a few steps without excrutiating pain, giving way and needing a walking stick or crutches, through 4 yrs or surgeries comprising 2 scopes, 2 PAOs, 1 screw removal-another scheduled, and several GAs for steroid injections, to being able to walk and work pain free and painkiller free.

Last March I started , very gradually to run, just a minute at a time and followed the couch25k programme. In July I ran the Race for life 5k fun run for Cancer Research and just beat my 30min target. I was happy at how well my hips were coping so tried a little further. By Christmas I was running up to 8 miles and the hips still held up perfectly well.

After a brief xmas break, followed by a bout of flu I am now building up again running 3-4 miles 4 times a week and increasing gradually. I have gained a place in The Great North Run, the worlds biggest half marathon, so on 16/09/2013 I shall be joining 54000 other runners to run from Newcastle to South Shields. Excited doesnt cover it!! :) I have also persuaded my couch potato, slightly overweight hubby to et fit lose weight and join me, and we are both running to raise money for Cancer research into childhood cancers-Kidscan.

Please take a look at our charity page and make a donation to this worthy cause if possible

I have a follow-up appointment with Mr Witt 1st Feb so hoping everything still looks good on my xrays and he is happy for me to run (or maybe I might forget to ask him that...) Screw removal can be confirmed and perhaps he will discharge me. Though I would miss having a good excuse to spend a few days in London each year....

I will update after my appointment.


  1. So so happy for you, I really am. You have done AMAZINGLY well! XXX

  2. Wow, your story is so similar to mine. I also live in Yorkshire and travel to see Mr Witt. I had my RTHR 2 years ago and my LPAO 2 weeks ago. I have given up on NHS physio and have a fab private physio (Louise -the same by any chance?). Thanks for writing your blog. It's great to see how well you have done and how quickly you recovered. It has cheered me up and given me a bit of hope today!! Hope you have many years of happy hips :) x x

  3. Hi Kate, Thank you so much for sharing your story. I have recently been diagnosed with bilateral hip displasia and I am 37. I am currently weighing up which consultant and if I can bear the pain and all the painkillers and wait to have it done on the NHS or bite the bullet and pay, we have no private medical insurance! I have read many things on the internet about Mr Witt and would like your personal opinion about him, he has advised he will perform the surgery on the NHS for me. Any advise would be so greatly appreciated as I am currently trying to use the internet for info and its not always clear! I hope you read my message as you posted your last blog so long ago.
    Thanks again and congratulations on your recovery, you are an inspiration! :) Becki

    1. Hi Becky. I don't know if this msg will reach you,since your post is almost 2 years old. But I would like to get in touch, if you are willing to share some information, about the surgeon Mr.Witt. I am currently researching on specialist in London. I am 38 with DHD on my LH (treated with femoral osteotomy at the age of 1) and I was told by my doctor that I might be suitable candidate still for PAO. Just waiting for the key hole quick surgery to check the state of my hip, to be 100% sure if it's worth to cut me open. I would be greatful if you can contact me on my email. or anyone out there who has some experience with Mr.Witt or any other surgeon,who treats DHD. Thank you so much.